"Logosys™ Playout - Cable TV Software, Indias Most Advanced Software for TV Channel Streaming and Graphics Overlay Automation. known as Cable TV Broadcast Software"

Playout Key

Playout Key Features

  • Watermark, Online Cricket Score from Internet, Video Play without gap or black
  • Customize Movie Trailor
  • Unlimited Text on Screen - help to highlight any particular text message on screen with manual on/off or time base
  • Live Preview of running video with runtime Change facility
  • Channel Logo with Animation and TGA / Flash File supported
  • Quick schedule display for upcoming movies..
  • Headline text scroll display with multiple groups with separate design.

Our Strength

Over 500 Channels | 1600+ Sales & Service Professionals |
200+ Channels Clients | Best Software Awarded in 2008-2009 &
2009-2010 for TV playout | Business Leader of the Year 2013

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