"Logosys™ Playout - Cable TV Software, Indias Most Advanced Software for TV Channel Streaming and Graphics Overlay Automation. known as Cable TV Broadcast Software"


What we stand for

At Logosys India, we are committed to Support our Partners, our Clients and our Wider Communities to achieve their Business Potential.

That's how we Make a difference.

It's All in Our DNA - At Logosys we are Programmed for Success.


Scope of Business

10000 Plus Cable + Satellite Channels In India.

80% Businessmen are Using Non License Softwares because they don't have proper solutions for their business but Logosys provides trade specific solution.

Revenue Benefits with Logosys

  • Logosys Shares 60-75% Profit with its CP as Compared to the market trend of 25-40%.
  • Normally S/w companies provides commission to It's Channel Partners after they have sold the product where as Logosys
    shares profit on billing itself.
  • Successfully prove from last 10 years, Logosys continues to satisfy the Cable TV Broadcast Needs of all the segments of
    the channels (News, Music, Reginal, Language) PAN India & in overseas market. Based on the research of NASSCOM,
    approx. 3.5 million pcs have been sold to the business segment which is grow at the rate of 33% per annum.
    To tap this expansive market, we at Logosys India are committed towards building, enhancing and supporting
    our channel partners, Sub channel partners & resellers.




Our Strength

Over 500 Channels | 1600+ Sales & Service Professionals |
200+ Channels Clients | Best Software Awarded in 2008-2009 &
2009-2010 for TV playout | Business Leader of the Year 2013

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