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Which Format does it supports?

It supports both SD and HD Format videos like MPEG, M2P, VOB, AVI, DV25, DVCPRO, MPEG4, DAT, MKV, MOV and more.

Can we add Overlay?

Yes, channel logo, watermark, single crawl, single layer graphics can be added using MINI CG bundled in it..

Will it supports mixed playlist?

Yes, Insta player allows a mixed playlist in SD and HD format in a single playlist.

Can we trim a video Clip?

Yes, video file can be trimmed and color correction can be done for a single video file.

Which Operating System it Supports?

Its supports Windows7 64 bit.

What are the Limitation in the trial version?

Trial version allows to try all the option with a watermark on the video.

Will it supports animated sequence files

Yes, it supports animated TGA and PNG Sequence file..

Will it supports Flash files?

Yes, it supports flash files.

Can we create CG playlist?

Yes, its possible to create a CG Playlist.

How to create a online TV Channel?

This Involves following step: 1. Play clips 24x7. 2. Overlay Text, Channel Logo, and crawl on to the clip. 3. Stream the content in HTMP, RTMP protocol. 4. Select a streaming server like justin.tv, Ustream, Primcast it and create account. 5. Embed the player code in to your own website.

Will it supports Adobe FMLE or VMix for RTMP streaming?

Yes, its supports FMLE or VMix.







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