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About us

Logosys Software Solutions Private Limited formerly Logosys India - (Since 1997) - : One of the well-recognized names in the InfoTech industry, has been engaged successfully in the discipline of Software Solutions for over 13 years.

The Creator of ControlBox Range of Softwares (Cable TV Broadcast Automation Software) has deployed more than 850 installations across the globe and well versed with the requirement of any Television Broadcaster in his day to day practices.

Logosys India previously Giving the Following Range of Software to CABLE TV BROADCAST AUTOMATION SOFTWARE :

  • ControlBox - Complete Broadcast Automation Software for News Channel Automation which boasts the feature of News Broadcast,
    Live Video Ingestion, Tickers, Online News Ticker with the RSS FEEDS, Emergency News Scroll and SMS Messages Scroll, SMS POLL,
  • Logosys Playout Automation : Complete Entertainment Broadcast Automation Software which boasts feature of Time Based Movie
    Scheduling, Commercials Insertion Overlay Advertisement, Movie Trailers Scroll, Sponsor Logo and many more features.
  • Logosys Dial a Song : Complete Song-On-Demand Software which plays the song on user request whether its Wired Line Phone
    or SMS based Requests. IT makes the playlist from the user request and plays the selected video according to the queue.

Some of our earlier project

» Developed playback application for Optibase card and Sigma Design card.

» Developed streaming solution using Blackmagic Design Decklink cards and Amino Setup box.

» Developed News gathering solution using Firewire card for news channel.

» Developed Multicapture solution with Firewire card news ingest from different sources.

» Developed Logger application using Osprey card.

» Developed Digital Signage solution for an Advertisement Agency.

» Developed a Stereographic Capture application using Blackmagic Design Decklink card for 3D Editing.

» 3D Capture Application for Stereographic editing

» 3D Capture Application for Stereographic editing

» Chromo Key studio application for Bizz News Channel



Our Strength

Over 500 Channels | 1600+ Sales & Service Professionals |
200+ Channels Clients | Best Software Awarded in 2008-2009 &
2009-2010 for TV playout | Business Leader of the Year 2013

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